A New Approach

We now have the tools to detect heart disease and cancer at very early stages, many years before any symptoms appear. However thoroughly testing for and screening of can cost 10s of thousands and is not covered by your insurance.. we can assist with this process at an unbelievably low cost while combining a vacation package that will take your breath away.

We are now able to detect heart disease and cancer at the earliest possible stages. The main reason cardiovascular disease and cancer can damage and even end the lives of so many people prematurely is because these conditions tend to progress silently for many years before producing any symptoms whatsoever. By the time symptoms typically occur, the results are often catastrophic.

Heart Disease

We utilize an ultrafast CT Scan or electron beam (EBCT) machine to determine your coronary artery calcium (CAC) score. This can help find if an individual has heart disease at its very onset. Doing so can allow you to make changes that lead to nearly complete eradication. In addition, using the CAC score (also known as a heart scan) data, we can determine whether you are among the many people in the United States who are on a statin drug unnecessarily and can safely quit. Although CAC heart scan technology has been available for over 20 years, it has more acceptance in the United States than it has been protocolled for several years in our clinics.


Cancer is highly treatable when detected early – before it has metastasized or spread. Unfortunately, far too many people are not diagnosed at an early stage, and for some common malignancies, such as lung cancer, for six out of seven people, the disease has already metastasized by the time of diagnosis. Sadly, the prospects for cure drop dramatically when cancer is not localized at the time of diagnosis.

Cardiovascular Disease

It is possible for the coronary arteries, which supply blood the heart, to become blocked as much as 70 – 80 percent or more without producing any symptoms at all. As a result, two out of three people discover that they have cardiovascular disease by suffering a heart attack as their first presenting indicator. These individuals receive no previous warning signs: no chest pain with exertion, no abnormal heart rhythms, no dizziness or shortness of breath. Their first indication of cardiovascular disease is that they suffer a heart attack, which half of the time proves fatal!

I traveled to Barranquilla with my family to have my surgical procedure done. I had to go to the Iberamerica hospital for my blood work and met with Dr. Marilanda. After a short tour of the area, we had them do a routine check up on my son and husband…
The tests discovered a problem with my 14 yr olds heart, this was treated and has improved. He has been cleared for sports again. By Grace we found this problem
I have been told by physicians that left on discovered it would have been an awful situation at some point.
Breaky Feagon
Grapevine Tx