The others give you a choice of doctors, hospitals…

Not Medivaca, we already have the best doctors and hospitals chosen for you! From that short list you chose based on our research and experience, in addition, we have arraigned your trip with pre-negotiated prices for your excursions, travel enjoyment, and 4-5 star accommodations that you are sure to get excited about.

The others charge you up front…

Not Medivaca, first we fit you with our first class Caregivers, accommodations and arrange your scheduling… Once you approve it is time to travel.


The others leave it all up to you… 

Not Medivaca we are the experts and will go the extra distance to prove it

Included full service recovery pre/post-op care to all of our patients. Airport pickup, transportation to all appointments and post-op care materials. You will be accompanied by a staff member or nurse at all times to translate or assist with any communication and paperwork.

* At only $98 per night we provide 24 hour nurse assistance and all meals.

Travel insurance prices are regulated by law. You won’t find the same plan for less anywhere else in the industry. WE CAN SECURE FOR YOU AND YOURS THE BEST TRAVEL INSURANCE AVAILABLE AT NO EXTRA CHARGE 
You don’t have the time or the know how to thoroughly search credentials and client history… Neither here in the US or abroad… We Do… WPI Investigations is a partner of Medivaca working together to find you the BEST!